Failure of the Delivery of the Tour

❶ Deterioration of the Weather

(1) Rain or shine our walking tour is running.

(2) In case of the alarming deterioration in the weather in any part of Mie  Prefecture, more precisely,   ‘Heavy Rain Emergency Warning’ or ‘Emergency warning(other than heavy rain) and Storm Surge Warning’ issued, SHŌ won’t deliver the walking tour.

       In that case SHŌ will inform the cancellation of the tour to the prospective participants by email. 

       The reliable source of the information on warnings and advisories is Japan Meteorological Agency’s site below.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Warnings/Advisories (

          Confirm the column of Tokai’s

Mie: Northern Central Region and

Mie: Southern Region.

❷ Malfunction of the Public Transportation System

  In case there happens the malfunction of public transportation systems, more precisely, the delay or the cancellation of commuter trains or buses, there is a possibility for the guide to be late for the meeting time or to find no means to reach the meeting point and, as a result, to fail to deliver the tour.

In such a case, to send the email of informing the delay of the start of the tour or no delivery of the tour itself to all the prospective participants is the only action the guide can take.

❸ Health Condition of the Guide

   (1) In case the guide is terribly ill and can’t conduct the walking tour, he will send a cancellation email to the prospective participants.

   (2) There is also a possibility that he can’t send any mail due to inevitable reasons.

        In that case the guide won’t appear at the meeting point. However the guide’s technical assistant in charge of the website management will make utmost efforts to send a cancellation email to the prospective participants before the meeting time.