The guide welcoming you is ‘SHŌ.’
That’s the business name of the English-speaking male tour guide.
He has the license of nation-wide guide interpreter approved by Japan Tourism Agency.
The local government, Mie Prefecture, gave him the registration number EN00079.

❶ The guide, SHŌ, is a local resident and passed the examination of the Ise Area Expert Certification(Advanced).

He has a career as a paid guide in Japanese and in English in the precincts of Ise Jingū.

❷ The guide, SHŌ, is also a certified domestic travel service supervisor, No. 24-44-3456, approved by Japan Tourism Agency.

SHŌ started the travel service and is now the sole proprietor of this walking tour business.

❸ The guide SHŌ is a member of JFG, Japan Federation of Certified Guides, which is one of the largest associations of tour guides in Japan with approximately 1,000 members.

SHŌ has been working as a business partner of several travel agencies, introducing foreign visitors to Tōkyō, Nagoya, Kyōto and Ōsaka.

Message from SHŌ

I introduce you to Japanese natural,

historical and cultural heritages.

Especially about Ise Jingū

I am ready to convey to you

the fundamental knowledge

based on authentic historical documents

and other reliable sources.

I like to assist travelers

to capture cultural nuances

hidden behind

unseen wrappings or screens.