9:45  Meet in front of Ise-shi Station

(Meeting Point)

Answer “Here” when your name is called

Pay the guide fee in cash in local currency, Japanese yen

If necessary, put your belongings into a coin-operated locker or

leave them at the baggage office

10:00 Start to walk to the Outer Shrine

along the 500 meter shopping street

Listen to the talk of the introduction of

Japanese shopping mall

10:30  The Outer Shrine(=Ge-kū)

11:30  Bus ride to Nai-kū    20+ min.

12:00  Free Time for Shopping & Eating  

               along Purification Street(=Oharai-machi)

               including Thanks Bystreet(=Okage-yokochō)

14:00  The Inner Shrine(=Nai-kū)

15:30  Bus Ride to Ise-shi Station   20+ min.

16:00  Break-up of the walking tour

           at Ise-shi Station

(End Point=Meeting Point)

*Depending on traffic conditions, the itinerary may vary.