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  1. Hiromi

    Thank you for your warm welcoming
    I had a nice tour with you and got to know how amazing Ise Shrine is
    I highly recommend this tour

  2. T N

    The tour was satisfactory, full of new experiences and learning. Not only can you know about the background of Ise-Jingu, but learn about Shintoism which facilitates understanding of Japan as a country (e.g. the connection between government and religion in the Meiji era). It provides a set of profound experience ranging from being awestruck by the sacredness of the precincts to eating local foods. Moreover, the guide was so kind to answer my questions about the shrine and religion even though I was asking them once in every thirty seconds; really appreciate the generosity 🙂

    Nevertheless, the tour could be improved in some respects. To begin with, there could have been a brief explanation of important points before the tour; as some people (including me) might miss details about the tour when checking the website, crucial points could be reminded (e.g. religious consideration). In addition, having some conversations over what could be seen besides Ise-Jingu could be nice. After visiting the outer shrine, we took a bus to the inner shrine; since there were some interesting things along the way, an explanation of those would be neat.

    Overall, the tour offers an experience to feel and think over Ise-Jingu.
    This walking tour would potentially be even better in the future. Definitely happy to have joined this tour, and keep up the good work 😉

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