Authentic Ise Jingū(supreme shintō shrine) Full-Day Walking Tour

6 Hours

with Certified English Guide Interpeter SHŌ

I wanna go to Ise
At least once in a lifetime


Indigenous Religion, Shintō


Family Tradition


Local Food


Day 1 :
10:00 Meet in front of Ise-shi Station Enjoy walking to the Outer Shrine(=Gekū) 10:30 Ise Jingū's Outer Shrine * the Deity of Food 11:30 Bus ride 20⁺min. 12:00 Free Time for Shopping & Eating along Purification Street(=Oharai-machi) including Thanks Bystreet(=Okage-yokochō) 14:00 Ise Jingū's Inner Shrine * the Deity of the Sun 15:30 Bus ride 20⁺ min. 16:00 Break-up of the walking tour at Ise-shi Station(=the starting point)


What's icluded

  • Guide fee

What's excluded

  • Bus fare
  • Meal

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more convenient, JR Line or Kintetsu Line?

It depends on your own route planning. As for the access from the station platform to the meeting point JR is somewhat advantageous.

I heard that Ise Jingū is a religious facility where priests perform daily rites. Is a visitor expected to follow the religious manner in the precinct?

Through this walking tour our participants’ own religious beliefs are 100% respected. Not necessary to follow the religious manner, for example, bowing or purification act.

Is it OK to take photos in the precinct?

At the area to pray please refrain from taking photos or videos. Outside of the worshipping area or under the stone steps to the sanctuary you can enjoy taking photos and videos.

What foods do you recommend us to eat on Oharai-machi Street or Okage-yokochō Bystreet?

I have a hand-made list of carefully selected foods in Ise area. Those are from the viewpoints of sweets, fastfood, seafood and Japanese beef culture. I will show you the list on the spot.

Ise City

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Authentic Ise Jingū(supreme shintō shrine) Full-Day Walking Tour
From ¥5,000
/ Adult